the eConfidence project

eConfidence is the name of our Digital Literacy training program. Professional learning opportunities are structured for ...

  • pre-service / prac teaching students
  • classroom and specialist teachers
  • school administration staff
  • school support staff
  • grounds and maintenance staff
  • relief teachers
  • parents
Each year, Good News offers a range of structured Digital Literacy professional learning opportunities.

eConfidence Workshops

Workshops / seminars are structured, theme based and focused on supporting teaching and learning outcomes. Workshops are conducted both inside and out of school hours.

eConfidence collaborative classroom modeling

Most classroom teachers participate in collaborative classroom modeling of best practice teaching and learning using digital technologies. \

eConfidence collaborative curriculum planning

Most classroom teachers participate in collaborative curriculum planning with our eLearning Integration Teacher.

eConfidence Digital Literacy Mentors (unstructured)

More than 20% of all staff are trained as Digital Literacy Mentors. DLMs provide just-in-time training and support across all sectors of the school.


For more eConfidence information ...

Sam Bandidt     B Teach B Ed M Ed
ICT Manager Team Leader
Digital Literacy Mentor


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