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Yrs 4-6 iPad Take Home Program

We recommend that each student in Years 4-6 take their eSchool iPad home each evening. There are a number of positive reasons for this process, including ...

  • learning responsibility / self-discipline in the care / maintenance / usage of a device in a home environment

  • consistent process for completion / creation of assigned work / homework

  • additional time to edit and revise projects with familiar tools

  • extension / reinforcement of skills such as coding, video editing

  • access to filtered internet (via VPN - see below)

  • opportunity for parents to view / review student work

  • strengthen home-school connections

However, we recognise that this may present challenges for some families and while we would like to see all iPads go home each day, students in Years 4-6 will be allowed to leave their eSchool iPads in the classroom if parents wish that to occur. This could be on an ad-hoc basis or permanently. If parents do choose to leave the iPad at school, please note the following important points ...

  • all student work still needs to be completed and submitted on time

  • not all tools / resources required to complete assigned work are available in our Microsoft, Google or Apple clouds, or on the internet - some will be iPad only

  • the eSchool iPads need to be charged each day

  • there will be a limited number of chargers in each classroom

  • each student will still receive a take home charger which will need to be returned at the end of each year, or upon leaving the school

  • Parents will need to advise their child’s class teacher if they want the iPad left at school.

Even if the eSchool iPad does not go home, we would still encourage the following ...

  • set clear expectations around the usage of digital devices

  • set clear time and location restrictions

  • set up a regular device charging routine in a centralised location

  • conduct a regular digital discovery tour of student devices

  • provide vigilant supervision of digital activity.

    Watch this video for more information about using technology at home.

App Store

Students do not have access to the App Store. They cannot browse, install or delete any apps. Apps are managed centrally at school and are fully funded as part of the eSchool program.

Caring for the iPad

Students need to be careful using and carrying the eSchool iPad. While they are enclosed in a Military Grade protective case, they are not immune from damage if dropped. If damage occurs, the students will need to see their class teacher as soon as possible.

  • keep iPads away from liquids including drink bottles in bags

  • do not overload when carrying iPads and other items

  • never leave the iPad on the ground or balanced on the edge of a table

  • never place heavy or sharp items on top of the iPads

  • keep a secure grip of the iPad when using it away from a flat surface

  • use gentle fingers when clicking / pressing buttons

Connect to the internet at home (VPN)

Our eSchool iPads are set up to automatically connect to our filtered internet VPN whenever they are connected to wifi outside of our school.

To start, connect your student iPad to your home wifi network. The VPN symbol will appear near the wifi signal strength symbol if the connection is successful.

Helpful links

While there are many places to seek information regarding use of technology at home, we have included a few recommended sources below...

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